Designed and Built in Costa Mesa, California


  • Custom Bad Cat Transformers
  • 25w via 2 x EL84
  • 2 Channels with Lo/Hi Mode
  • Two Notes IR Loader with 5 IR Memory
  • Direct Out XLR
  • 25w/1w switch
  • Built-in Speaker Load
  • Midi Control
  • W 12” x D 6” x H 6.75”
  • 13 lbs



Introducing the Bad Cat Rubicon, a meticulously engineered 25w tube amplifier by Peter Arends. This
compact lunch box unit features a dual-channel architecture, each channel equipped with two gain
modes, a 3-band EQ, global master volume, and presence control. The power section, driven by a pair
of EL-84 tubes, is switchable between 25 watts and 1 watt for flexible output options. Channel 1, a bespoke
Bad Cat clean channel, exhibits nuanced tonal qualities and can be driven into overdrive. Channel 2
is all new, drawing inspiration from the Lynx and Hot Cat Hi-Mode, excels in delivering high-gain, articulate
tones with clarity even in extreme settings. Noteworthy features include a built-in load, transparent
effects loop, compensated headphone output, 1w power switch, XLR Direct Output and MIDI control.
Rubicon is equipped with a Two Notes programmable IR loader, allowing users to select and store up to 6
Impulse Responses for cabinet simulation. The USB connectivity facilitates IR loading from a PC, while
the XLR DI output provides a compensated signal for direct recording. The amplifier’s comprehensive design
caters to both traditional and modern players, making it a versatile tool for stage and studio applications.