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Original Punk, Pop and New Wave

The Linda Lindas

JUNE 6, 2024 | by Bad Cat Amps

Unleashing Punk Power: Linda Lindas and the Bad Cat Lynx Amps

In the realm of punk rock, where raw energy and unapologetic expression reign supreme, one band has been making waves with their electrifying performances and fierce determination: the Linda Lindas. Hailing from Los Angeles, this all-female, multiracial punk rock band has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with their infectious melodies, powerful lyrics, and unstoppable attitude.

At the heart of the Linda Lindas’ unmistakable sound lies their choice of equipment, particularly their amplifiers. Among their arsenal of gear, one brand stands out for its ability to deliver the gritty, no-nonsense tone that defines punk rock: Bad Cat Amplifiers. Specifically, the Linda Lindas have been known to rely on the Bad Cat Lynx Amps with 412 cabs to fuel their electrifying performances.

The Linda Lindas will be in the opening slot for The Rolling Stones at Sofi Stadium in July and opening the Green Day / Smashing Pumpkins tour this summer.

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