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Why Bad Cat?

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We Design and Build our Own Transformers

Tranformers are perhaps the single most important component in an amplifier, coincidentally it is also the first place manufacturers look to cut costs. At Bad Cat, our custom wound transformers are designed by Bad Cat engineers and manufactured right here in Southern California in our facilities. Our transformers are wound using a proprietary design that is a well guarded industry secret. 

You may notice them being much larger than other amps of similar power ratings because they are built to be over spec for durability. Our Transformers are wound with components normally found in high-fi tube audio design and rarely seen in guitar amplifiers.  Our transformers impart a sonic clarity that is truly unique to Bad Cat. From our most expensive hand-wired custom piece to our Player Series amplifiers all Bad Cat Amplifiers use our hand built transformers. 


Military Spec Components

We take such pride in our craft that we believe that each amp and it's components should be made right here in our own facilities. While off the shelf components are okay for other manufacturers they are not for us. Here are some of the custom components that we design, manufacture and use in our amplifiers.

  • Teflon Coated silver wire

  • Individually hand dipped, gold-plated connectors to ensure maximum signal transfer quality

  • Custom chokes

  • Custom tone caps

  • Over-sized hand-Made transformers

  • In-house machine etched front and rear panels


Custom Voiced Speakers

A well crafted amplifier is only as good as the speaker that it is connected to. We believe Celestion builds the best speakers in the business. Each amp in our line comes with what we believe to be one of the finest speakers ever built for a guitar amplifier. 

Custom built specifically for us in a joint collaboration between Celestion and Bad Cat, Celestion builds them in their UK facility. They come in at 60 watts and while sharing certain characteristics of vintage Celestion Blue Alnico and vintage greenbacks, they have been voiced to bring out extra clarity, mid-range punch and of course that famous Bad Cat snarl and growl. 

 The Bad Cat Celestion is in every speaker cabinet and combo amplifier we build.


11-Ply Cabinet Construction

While everyone sets out to take care of their amplifier and keep it in pristine condition accidents happen. We believe that an amp should be able to take a bump or even a drop without cracking. That is why we use 11-ply baltic birch and italian poplar cabinet construction and all of our cabinets are built right here in our factory in Santa Ana, California.

Not only does our cabinet construction methods make a sturdy cabinet, but our cabinets also have been designed for the ultimate in sonic resonance and tonal qualities. 


Custom Options

With well over 9,000 different options, we allow you to customize the amp of your dreams with your favorite tolex, grillcloth, handles, corners, knobs and more. We figure, hey you are paying a few grand on an amp. Why not get exactly what you want. 

We have taken a painstaking amount of time setting up our site to allow you to customize your amp how you would like while you order. That being said if you are thinking of something different than what you are seeing, please reach out to us


Lifetime Warranty

Bad Cat Amplifiers has a limited lifetime warranty on select amps and cabs against workmanship or defect. We believe that our amps are built to last a lifetime of with proper care and maintenance. Our belief in our manufacturing results in one of the industries only lifetime warranties.  

Note: This warranty excludes pedals, Unleash and accessories. The warranty does not cover tubes, speakers or cosmetic damage, wear and tear, or abuse. Modifying or altering the amp in any way voids the warranty.

Amplifiers manufactured before December 31st 2018 have a lifetime transferable warranty. Amplifiers manufactured after December 31st 2018 carry a non-transferable lifetime warranty. 



Customer Service

A Bad Cat player becomes part of a family and fraternity of players who are in the know. You are the kind of player that appreciates a great design. You are obsessive about your playing and of course your sound. You appreciate the differences in a product that is built by skilled craftsmen that is made to become a treasure piece of vintage gear one day.

At Bad Cat we appreciate someone who is like you that appreciates what we do.  Whether you are playing to sold out stadium audiences or practicing at home We will work tirelessly to treat every member of our family with the upmost care and attention.



Want to Learn More?

Purchasing an amplifier is a large investment for most guitarists. We want you to be confident in choosing Bad Cat and would love to answer your questions, chat about custom options. Come on, who doesn't like chatting tone!

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