Pete Thorn

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Pete Thorn

In a recent video by artist Pete Thorn, he shares his impressions of the Bad Cat Hot Cat amplifier. Thorn highlights the amp’s versatility, unique sound, and its ability to deliver a rich rock tone. Let’s delve into his review and explore the features and characteristics of this updated version of the amplifier.

Overview of the Bad Cat Hot Cat:
The Bad Cat Hot Cat is a 45-watt head amplifier that offers two channels with two different gain modes per channel. With a simple switch, users can toggle between low and high gain modes, providing them with four distinct sounds. The amp also features two buffered effects loops and a studio-quality reverb, which Thorn describes as unique and smooth-sounding. The control panel includes gain knobs for each channel, a shared three-band EQ (bass, middle, treble), and a presence control.

Impressions and Sound Characteristics:
Thorn found the Hot Cat to have a refined and rich character with a noticeable edge. The mid-range was described as soulful and the overall tone was punchy. Despite being a 45-watt class A/B amplifier, it managed to maintain its aggression without becoming harsh or unpleasant. Thorn commended the amp’s ability to deliver both aggressive and refined tones, demonstrating its versatility across various musical genres.

User-Friendly Controls and Setting Recommendations:
The control layout of the Bad Cat Hot Cat is straightforward, with gain knobs for each channel and a shared three-band EQ. Thorn recommends setting the controls around the 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock range for optimal tones. This approach allows for easy and quick sound shaping without excessive tweaking. The presence control and global master volume further enhance the versatility and usability of the amplifier.

Comparison to Other Amps:
To provide a reference point, Thorn compared the Hot Cat to his 50-watt Marshall amp. He noted that the Hot Cat’s tone was fuller through the mids and had a more balanced top end compared to the leaner and slightly more aggressive tone of the Marshall. This comparison showcases the Hot Cat’s unique sonic qualities and its ability to stand out among other well-known amplifiers.

Pete Thorn’s review of the Bad Cat Hot Cat amplifier highlights its versatility, rich character, and refined sound. The amp’s updated version offers two channels with two gain modes each, allowing users to explore a wide range of tones. With its user-friendly controls and distinct sonic characteristics, the Hot Cat proves to be a reliable choice for guitarists in search of a rock-oriented amplifier. Whether you’re aiming for aggressive overdriven tones or more soulful sounds, the Bad Cat Hot Cat delivers with its unique blend of refinement and punch.

Bad Cat Amplifiers is a leading boutique guitar amplifier manufacturer, renowned for tonal quality, innovative design, and commitment to craftsmanship. The manufacturer is based in Costa Mesa, California.