Dory Lobel

The Voice, Backstreet Boys, Colbie Caillat, Tori Kelly, Enrique Iglesias


Artist Profile

Dory Lobel, is a talented guitarist, musical director and producer, located in Los Angeles, California. Starting his career at the age of 18 he is most known for his role as lead guitarist in the the house band for the TV show "The Voice". He has also toured and recorded with The Backstreet Boys, Colbie Caillat, Tori Kelly, Enrique Iglesias and more. 

At the age of 13, Lobel began taking lessons with a local guitar instructor, and after several years of private lessons, he started learning music directly from his record collection studying the styles of guitar greats such as Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and Albert King and artists such as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire and Pink Floyd.

Dory joined the Bad Cat family in 2014 and has been using them almost exclusively on The Voice as well as in the studio. He uses dual Lynx 50 Heads that he runs in stereo through a custom 2x12 cabinet that we wired up for him. This cabinet allows him to run one amplifier into one speaker, one amplifier into both speakers, or two amps into separate speakers.