Bad cat is a company well known for sonic excellence, innovation and road worthy construction. This amp is no exception. The Bad Cat Cub 50/50 is a 100 watt STEREO, 50 watts per side lightweight head featuring an all tube preamplifier section with a selectable  V1 Preamp. You can select between a 12AX7 or an EF86 in the V1 position. The EF86 is slightly more aggressive with added chime and girth.The 12AX7 is smoother with slightly more midrange and a little less gain. A 12AX7 sits in V2 for bass and treble controls with a fat switch to engage a capacitor to boost and flood the tone stack for adding richness and gain. Both the preamp selection and fat boost are foot-switchable.

Staying true to Bad Cat’s history of innovation, Bad Cat has created an innovative approach to the power section. Not satisfied with the sonic characteristics of Class D amplifiers used in other designs. Bad Cat has developed a unique approach to the construction of the power section. This amp features an innovative hybrid power section, utilizing and combining both tube and class D in the circuit. With the tubes sitting in the part of the circuit where it counts, a 12AX7 tube in the phase inverter position, feeds into the Bad Cats patented K Master circuit. which runs a Bang and Olufsen designed stereo 100 watt Class D Amplifier. The reaction and interplay between the tube preamplifier and the tube phase inverter remain unchanged. This is where most of the “power tube” distortion exists. It is the interplay between these two sections. The class D is used to transparently amplify the magic occurring within the circuit. 

This lightweight amp can be easily used as a mono 50 watt single channel head or add a second cab and have 100 watts of clean headroom. Add a stereo effect and have a full 3-D sounding stereo rig or run your effects into one side of the loop for a wet/dry rig.Balanced effects send and return to run long cable lengths without signal loss.The back panel has a mono effects send to your pedals with a stereo effects return.

The amp comes with a lush digital reverb.

The K master is a patented post phase inverter master volume circuit that is featured on all Bad Cat amps and allows for incredible low volume saturation. 

The amp comes with a special light weight poplar head shell and weighs in at an incredible 16 pounds. It is introductory priced at $1299 for the head.

Made by hand in the Bad Cat USA factory in California.

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