2x12" Speaker Cabinet

2x12" Speaker Cabinet

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Height: 20", Width 27", Depth 10.5"


2x 8 ohm Bad Cat Proprietary UK Celestion Speakers wired in parallel at 4 ohms


Open Back
Cabinet Material: Finger-Joined 11 Ply Baltic Birch
Handle: Heavy Duty Hand-Stiched Leather
Corners: Powder Coated Steel

Stereo Option

We started toying around with the idea of releasing a stereo cabinet a few years back when Dory Lobel from the Voice House Band requested a 2x12" cabinet wired for stereo so he could run 2 different heads into one cabinet. Enough folks have requested we start making them, so we decided to offer it as a standard option on our 2x12" cabinets.

The stereo option adds another input on the back of the cabinet which allows you to run 2 different amps into the cabinet. One amp on one side and one amp on the other side. 

In addition to running two amps you can run one amp into both speakers like the standard cabinet by simply plugging in one head.

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Custom Options

When you are dropping that hard earned coin on a new amplifier, we know that you want to be making an investment that will last a lifetime. With thousands of different color and option combos you have full control over what you amp will look like. We believe you should be getting the amp of your dreams. Even if it is fluorescent green and tweed. Yes you can choose that. Wouldn't be our first choice, but hey. We aren't the ones buying the amp. 

Take a look at the variety of tolex, grill cloth, handle and corner options. Then select whether you want a head or combo then select add to cart. Before taking you to the cart to checkout you will be able to select all of the options you want to see in your amp. If at any point you have questions in this process, please don't hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to discuss ideas and options. Oh and we love talking tone too!


Each tolex option below is available for use on both the cabinet and valence/face plate. You can have a matching cabinet and front face plate or mix and match tolex to give your amp or cabinet a one off look.

Grillcloth & Piping Options

Handle & Corner Options