Calico 40 Hand-wired 40 Watt Head

Calico 40 Hand-wired 40 Watt Head


Made to Order 8 Week Lead Time

Introducing the Bad Cat Calico 40. The Calico features hand-wired , point to point construction. We have taken the essential elements of the incredible Bad Cat Cub and Black Cat 40 and distilled them down to this. Simple and yet extraordinary and built for the professional performer. The preamp section is lifted form the 12AX7 side of the Black Cat. The power section has 2 EL34’s running in cathode bias for 40 watts of Class A power. The Calico is tube rectified and built for stage use with a little more clean headroom than the Cub or Black Cat. A simple traditional master volume is utilized to bring it down to small stage volumes. It even works well for bedroom players. Complete with a passive effects loop, switchable output impedance to match any cab from 4,8 or 16 ohms.

The Calico is being built in a limited run and is available as a head only.

Preamp 3 12AX7

Power 40 watt 2 EL34

Rectifier GZ34 tube

Passive effect loop

Switchable output impedance

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